GO.pen Vaporizer uses your favorite wax or extract - small, sleek personal vaporizer.
O.pen Vaporizer portable, lightweight, compact personal vaporizer.
Honey Oil CO2 extracted cannabis oil syringe.
Wax pure CO2 extracted cannabis wax.
Gold Wax our top-shelf CO2 extracted cannabis wax.
CannaTabs small but powerful for pain relief.

CannaCaps made with CO2 extracted honey oil.
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cannabis Oil syringe (Honey Oil)

Syringes pre-filled with MedWest’s purest CO2 extracted cannabis oil. Packaging indicates exact strain.

Available in 1/2 gram and 1 gram syringe

+/- 120 mg of active Cannabinoids per .3g

Suggested dose
: One or two drops off a poker (pin or other small metal object)

Immediate relief within seconds.
Smooth taste, gradual high lasting 4-6 hours,
very relaxed body high, dreamy euphoric head high.


optional use

  • Add to your bowl, joint or cigarette.
    Can use finger to rub onto your gums, sublingual application.