GO.pen Vaporizer uses your favorite wax or extract - small, sleek personal vaporizer.
O.pen Vaporizer portable, lightweight, compact personal vaporizer.
Honey Oil CO2 extracted cannabis oil syringe.
Wax pure CO2 extracted cannabis wax.
Gold Wax our top-shelf CO2 extracted cannabis wax.
CannaTabs small but powerful for pain relief.

CannaCaps made with CO2 extracted honey oil.
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O.pen vape (vaporizer) & Strain SPecific refill cartridges

O pen vape from MedWest


The O.pen Vape is a portable, lightweight, compact personal vaporizer. Easily rechargeable via USB 2.0.  Completely auto-regulated with no button while drawing consistent 7-8 second pulls (hits). The end is outfitted with a stylus for tablets and touchscreens.

Your O.pen Vape comes with a lifetime guarantee. If it ever malfunctions simply return it to the retailer you purchased it from with your receipt and it will be exchanged for a new O.pen. Compare that with any other vaporizer on the market. See some great videos and press about O.penVAPE here.

Many vaporizers require long heat-up times and multiple presses on buttons for proper performance. The O.pen simply requires that you draw breath through the mouthpiece and it automatically begins to vaporize. No buttons to press also means no misfires in your pocket.

A FRIEND FOR LIFE: All O.Pen Vape Products come with a lifetime battery warranty.

Strain Specific Refill Cartridges

Disposable cartridges filled with MedWest’s tested CO2 extracted cannabis oil. Comes in half and full gram sizes. All cartridges are strain specific and color coded according to their type – indica, sativa, hybrid. Packaging indicates exact strain on our re-usable magnets. The cannabis oil in our cartridges are mixed with pharmaceutical grade polyethylene glycol for ideal viscosity and smoothness.

What is Polyethylene glycol? PEG or pharmaceutical grade polyethylene glycol, is widely used for a variety of food and medical applications. PEG can be found in all e-cigarettes, it can also be found in infant inhalers. It’s been shown to prevent rejection of transplanted organs and it smooths the introduction of titanium rods into the body when repairing broken bones. IT IS IN EVERYTHING!

Chemists have discovered and determined the “sweet spot” or exact molecular weight which promotes ideal viscosity [“the state of being thick, sticky, and semi-fluid in consistency due to internal friction”] for use in personal vaporizers where temperatures often exceeds 300 degrees Fahrenheit. It is used to thin the herbal formulations, enabling them to heat quicker and produce vapor faster.

Additionally, while we’re not going to tell you that it’s a perfect institution, the FDA has fully endorsed this level of PEG as a GRAS ― Generally Regarded As Safe ― substance. “Generally” means that if you or your dog lapped up a bowlful of this stuff, unpleasant consequences could occur. However, under normal operating conditions ― taking a few puffs from a personal vaporizer ― not only are our oil cartridges perfectly safe, they’re the preferred delivery system for tens of thousands of customers seeking the maximum medicinal benefits from active cannabinoids. Our patient list includes umpteen cancer patients supremely conscious of every last molecule they put into their bodies.

Note: Pharmaceutical grade polyethylene glycol is not the same as industrial grade ethylene glycol – people confuse the two all of the time!

Available in black, silver or white.